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 After the successful conferences in Berlin, Germany (2010), Nara, Japan (2012) and Flagstaff, USA (2014), the 19th International Conference on Molecular-Beam Epitaxy will take place in Montpelier, France.

The International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE 2016) provides a prominent international forum for reporting new developments in the areas of fundamental and applied molecular beam epitaxy research, including advances in the technique, synthesis of new materials, discovery of new physical properties, formation of novel heterostructures, and the development of innovative devices.

The program topics are: 

  • MBE fundamentals
  • III-V compounds
  • II-VI compounds
  • Group-IV semiconductors
  • Dilute Nitrides and Bismides
  • Wide Bandgap semiconductors
  • Oxide and Hybrid Epitaxial Systems
  • 2D materials (graphene, MoS2, WS2,...)
  • Spintronics and Topological Materials
  • Nanostructures (QDs, nanowires,..)
  • MBE grown Devices




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