Invited speakers


  • Gavin Bell, University of Warwick, UK: "Tackling MBE challenges through experiment and theory: nanostructures, spintronics and 2D materials"

  • Brian Bennett, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA: “MBE of antimonide/arsenide heterostructures for electronic and electro-optic devices”

  • Allan S. Bracker, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA: "Growth and optical properties of site-controlled quantum dots for nanophotonics"

  • Yvon Cordier, Centre de Recherche sur l’Hétéro-Epitaxie et ses Applications - CNRS, Valbonne, France: “Status and perspectives of MBE for GaN electron devices”

  • Luiza Gonzalez, Instituto de Microelectrònica de Madrid- Centre Nacional de Microelectrònica, Madrid, Spain: “III-V semiconductor nanostructures for coupling to photonic crystal microcavities”

  • Tomonori Ito, Mie University, Japan: “Ab initio-based approach to novel behavior in semiconductor hetero-epitaxial growth”

  • Jin-Feng Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China: “Growth of the stanene and topological superconductor TI/SC hetero-structures”

  • Gregor Koblmüller, Technische Universität München, Germany: "Monolithic integration and epitaxial gain control of GaAs-based nanowire lasers on Si".

  • Robert Kudrawiec, Institute of Physics, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland: “Electromodulation spectroscopy of the electronic band structure of dilute nitrides and bismides”

  • Esperanza Luna, Paul Drude Institute, Berlin, Germany: “Spontaneous formation of Bi-rich nanostructures during MBE growth of Ga(As,Bi): the impact of surface processes and Bi segregation”

  • Zetian Mi, McGill University, Canada: “AlGaN nanowire deep ultraviolet LEDs and lasers”

  • Oussama Moutanabbir, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada: “Strained-Engineered Group IV Semiconductors”

  • Darrell G. Schlom, Cornell University, USA: “Wacky Oxides:  Rich Properties in Search of Devices”

  • Aidong Shen, City College New-York, USA: “Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetectors from Wide Band Gap II-VI Semiconductors”

  • James S. Speck, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA: “MBE as a vehicle to understand nitride materials and heterostructures”

  • Susan Stemmer, University of California, Santa Barbara,  USA: “Routes to high-mobility oxide films by MBE"

  • Kristijonas Vizbaras, Brolis Semiconductors, Lithuania: "GaSb-based optoelectronic devices - new developments in industry"

  • Ryutaro Yoshimi, University of Tokyo, Japan: "MBE-grown thin films of topological insulators and their quantized Hall effects"


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